March 23rd 2020


To the Yenne & Schofield Orthodontic family

COVID-19 continues to alter our lives with daily change.  Last Friday Governor Kate Brown made an Executive Order limiting patient care in dental offices to emergencies and urgent needs.  This is a proactive and bold step to preserve masks and gloves for our health care workers who need them most.  Effective closure of dental offices at this time is until June 15, 2020.

What does that mean for your ongoing treatment in our office?

  • Fortunately, orthodontic treatment lends itself well to a “Treatment Holiday”, and your teeth will be fine.  The most important concern is maintaining EXCELENT oral hygiene. No better time to become a pro using your electric toothbrush, than now! No plaque +healthy diet = no decay or white marks.


  • Our office will remain open on a limited basis 9AM-3 PM Monday thru Thursday for emergencies. If you have issues that are causing pain or discomfort, please call 503-362-0500 and we will make arrangements for you to be seen.  By taking a photo of your problem with your phone, we may be able to offer virtual assistance and prevent making a trip to the office. We are here for you! Our Emergency after hour’s phone will also be available for anyone experiencing pain or discomfort.  That number is 503-328-4450.


  • Invisalign trays will be available for pick-up at our office or can be mailed to you. If you are nearing completion of the trays that you have been given, please call our office and we will make needed arrangements.

The most important message that we wish to share is that WE CARE!  We chose Orthodontics as a Specialty because the changes we make in lives.  The impact of a great smile and improved bite to health and happiness is huge.  We are revered with the most experienced and caring staff and be assured we will do our best to adjust as the situation evolves. Feel confident that we will do everything in our power to minimize the impact of this delay on your treatment.

This is a time and place none of us have traveled.  Please take care of yourself, family, and all those around you. We look forward to seeing you again soon.